McCain Green Medley Mix

//McCain Green Medley Mix

McCain Green Medley Mix

Product: Green Medley Mix
Manufacturer: McCain Food SA (Pty) Ltd –
Estimated Price:  R39.76
Product Review
McCain launches the new Green Medley Mix Why does everyone turn to green veggies when they are trying to be healthier? The reason is, green veggies are packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

The new McCain Green Medley Mix is a perfect combination of four of nutrient-packed veggies. Although many South Africans eat green veggies, they aren’t sure how exactly to cook them. The way in which you cook veggies determines not only their taste but texture as well.

The new McCain Green Medley Mix is incredibly versatile. You could add it to a stew or green curry, but remember to add it in towards the end of the cooking process so they keep their bite, two minutes should do the trick. You can steam them in a steamer and once ready add a little bit of garlic butter to melt over the top. You could even bake them in the oven, drizzle a little bit of olive oil over them, add some crushed garlic, chilli flakes and a little honey for a delicious side to roast chicken, salmon or a steak. Healthy food doesn’t have to taste bland or boring you can dress these delicious greens up.

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