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Take the stress out of your day with the Shoprite B2B Converter from Logicode – a unique application specifically designed to convert your Shoprite B2B ‘Item Sales & Stock Reports’ into easy-to-use consolidated Excel spreadsheets.

One click of a button is all it takes, and you’ll have instant access to a wealth of essential brand and product information, thanks to our built in features and benefits.


What's new?

Added Functionality

Check out the features that we’ve added to the new Shoprite B2B Reports to save you time & help you to improve your brands’ performance. Working with Shoprite’s direct requirements, the Shoprite B2B Converter now highlights which Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are above or below target.


Shoprite B2B Converter Video

Benefits of the Shoprite B2B Converter

We know you have far more important things to do with your day than manually convert your Shoprite B2B reports into spreadsheets – that’s why our Logicode Shoprite B2B Converter will take care of all the work for you, saving you valuable time in the process. With the Shoprite B2B Converter, you’ll be able to generate simple, speedy B2B data analysis, and identify problems and opportunities faster than ever before. With consolidated reports at your fingertips in just seconds, you’ll soon wonder how you ever managed without it! 

Run your free 14-day trial today and look forward to simple, stress-free data analysis with the
Logicode Shoprite B2B Converter.


Activate your team today

For a once-off license fee and low monthly cost per user, you can enable your team to convert their own Shoprite B2B Reports.

We are so confident that you’ll love the reports once you see them, that we also offer a Free 14 Day Trial Version of the Shoprite B2B Converter!

Existing clients can upgrade to the latest version of the Shoprite B2B Converter at no extra charge!


Shoprite B2B Converter in Action

“Time is what we all strive for, and Logicode and their systems give you exactly that, more time to do the essentials in driving your business forward.”

Brendan Smit – Client Executive, Smollan

“The Shoprite B2B Converter from Logicode is a must for any Key Accounts Manager! Buyers are impressed with the level of information presented.”

Lara Findlay - Chief Operating Officer, Herbex
“The service provided by Logicode has been fantastic, many large corporate service providers can take a lesson here.”
Rory Murray – Marketing Manager, Tuffy Brands

“What used to take a couple of days to capture manually – now happens at the click of a button
with the Shoprite B2B Converter from Logicode.”

Mandy Daniels - Executive Assistant, Herbex

Shoprite B2B Converter Introductory Videos


  • Is there a trial version of the Shoprite B2B Converter?

    Yes, there is a FREE 14-DAY TRIAL VERSION of the Shoprite B2B Converter now available.

  • Is the Free 14-Day Trial Version of the Shoprite B2B Converter Full Use?

    Yes, the Free 14-Day Trial Version of the Shoprite B2B Converter is Full Use.

  • Can I register the Shoprite B2B Converter at any stage during the Free 14-Day Trial Version?

    Yes, you can register the Shoprite B2B Converter at any stage during the Free 14-Day Trial Version.

  • Is it possible to run multiple reports in one go?

    Yes, Shoprite B2B Converter will programatically work its way through any selected files in the list box. Just highlight all the reports you would like to convert in the “Run File Conversion” panel and click the “Run File Conversion” button. Then simply leave the rest up to the Shoprite B2B Converter. We often run up to 20 reports in one go, which takes about one minute to complete and covers data for up to 200 stores, if not more!

  • How long does the Shoprite B2B Converter take to convert reports?

    The time required to run reports is dependent on the number of files selected for conversion as well as the number of SKU’s and the speed of your particular system. On average a first report for any particular principal, report type and date parameter can take between 5 and 10 seconds to convert, whereas subsequent reports can be as quick as 3 seconds to convert.

  • Does it cost more to run reports for more than one principal/company?

    No, once the Shoprite B2B Converter is installed you can run reports for as many principals/supplier numbers as you like at no extra cost.

  • Where are my reports stored?

    During installation /setup an “SC Reports” folder is created on the path selected during the setup process. To find out where this folder lies check the “about” tab of the Shoprite B2B Converter.

  • What information can I get from the converted reports?

    All data contained in the original Shoprite Checkers Item Sales and Stock Reports is carried through to the converted reports, including item sales by SKU as well as useful stock on hand information.

  • What extra reports and functionality are included in the converted reports?

    Dashboard – summary of info contained in “SC Report” sheet.
    Chart – PivotChart of data broken down into weeks or months (whichever is applicable) – great for viewing trends – can filter store name, product description & category, etc.
    Total By Store – all stores contained in report – ranked by Value.
    Total By SKU – all SKU’s contained in report – ranked by Value.

  • Is there any way to change the location where my converted reports are stored?

    Yes, you can now reset the “SC Reports” folder path. To do so, click the “About” tab on the left menu panel and click the “Reset Folder Path” button.

  • What updates are available?

    Stock on hand quantities included in the standard Item Sales And Stock Reports from Shoprite Checkers are updated daily, whereas sales figures are updated either weekly or monthly depending on the report type requested.

  • How do Shoprite Checkers calculate weekly Rate of Sale Units and Weeks Stock?

    “Weekly ROS Units”, contained in the converted “SC Reports” sheet, is based on the last 13 week sales average. “Weeks Stk” is based on the “Stock Qty” divided by “Weekly ROS Units”.